29 September 2012

Reply to Dave Herrle Re A Poet from Hollywood

Dear Dave,

So much to thank you for, most importantly for "getting it". My disillusionment, Stephen's near dementia, Naomi's misunderstood relationship with Stephen—it's all there. I'm especially glad that my lingering affection for Stephen as well as my respect and, yes, even affection for Naomi was evident to you. It may be true that, in reviewer Tim W. Brown's words, Stephen Gyllenhaal is a "total and complete asshole" but hey, hate the sin and love the sinner, right?

I'll write again soon. My next project has nothing to do with Stephen—well, maybe a little bit, as it's inspired by the assassination of JFK in 1963 and Stephen's directing a sort of a touchy feely docudrama for basic cable about the secret service guys who blew it.


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